7 Best Wholesale Authentic Nike Clothing Vendors (2024)

If you want to purchase wholesale branded Nike fashion apparel, you come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll answer all of your questions regarding legal issues when selling Nike clothes, the benefits & drawbacks that come with it, and the 7 best suppliers to help you quickly stock these items.

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Can You Purchase Wholesale & Resell Nike Clothing Legally?

It’s possible to wholesale Nike clothes legally. To do that, you have to submit an application to Nike to become an authorized marketplace partner. The application will be evaluated to meet rigorous standards, and the distribution is extremely selective. In addition, only a small number of new Marketplace Partners are appointed each year.

Nike also states that there is no specific business model or distribution requirement for applications. However, you are not allowed to sell Nike products on a digital marketplace such as Amazon or eBay.

Should You Resell Nike Apparel?

In general, we don’t recommend starting your business journey by wholesaling Nike clothes. It’s true that many people love the brand and are willing to pay significantly more for its products. But, the risks and drawbacks outweigh the advantages.

For one thing, it’s tough to convince customers that you sell authentic Nike items, and shoppers are more likely to go to the official websites to buy them anyway.

For another, you might not be able to obtain proper authorization to advertise them on Facebook or Google. It would also not be possible for you to expand your sales channels to Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces.

In 2019, Nike announced that it would stop selling its products on Amazon in an attempt to curb counterfeit sales.

Having said that, there’re many websites like StockX or FootLocker having wild success by reselling Nike shoes & fashion. Therefore, more experienced business owners can still try this niche out.

Best Wholesale Suppliers Of Nike Clothes

Here’re the 7 best wholesale authentic Nike clothing distributors.

1. SanMar

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SanMar is the best blank apparel wholesale distributor of high-quality Nike Dri-Fit golf clothes, including plain tees, imprintable hoodies, polos, sweats, and hats suited for screen printing and embroidery.

Began as a family-owned business established in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, SanMar presently runs 8 massive national distribution centers across the USA totaling 5.6M square feet.


  • No minimums.
  • Ship throughout the US within 1-2 days.
  • Free freight on orders over $200 within the contiguous United States.
  • Returnable samples (full refund within 30 days. You only pay for shipping).
  • Free custom website builder.
  • Decoration and private labeling services.
  • Online customizable tools that allow both you and your customers to upload and preview logos & texts on a variety of products.
  • A powerful design studio that helps you easily create, customize, organize, and share marketing materials in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with live and up-to-date product information.
  • A media library with thousands of product images, brand logos, videos, and more.
  • Blind dropshipping services.
  • Pay with major credit cards, wire transfers, and company checks.


  • You have to submit a state sales tax license to open an account and make orders.
  • High international delivery costs.

2. BigBuy

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BigBuy is an affordable Spanishwholesale supplier of adult & youth Nike sportswear and fashion clothing.

Thanks to volume purchasing, the company can give you access to a variety of products at a very competitive price (up to 70% off compared to retail).

BigBuy has warehouses all over the EU, which allow for urgent shipping to most European and North American countries.


  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Ship globally within 5-11 days with express couriers like GLS, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.
  • 24/48 hours processing times.
  • Support consolidated shipping.
  • The catalog is translated into 24 European languages.
  • Dropshipping solution with the capability to integrate with Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Wix, eBay, Magento, and 200+ marketplaces and real-time synchronization for the catalog, stock, orders, and tracking.
  • Prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store service filled with BigBuy’s products and equipped with blogs.
  • Accept Paypal and credit/debit cards.


  • A registration fee of €45 to start buying wholesale.
  • Fairly high shipping costs to countries outside of the EU.

3. Griffati

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Griffati is the next reliable website to purchase genuine men’s & women’s Nike t-shirts, sweatshirts, blazers, trousers, shorts, leggings, bras, underwear, socks, and footwear in bulk.

Besides, it also wholesales designer clothing, luxury handbags,high-end watches, and premium fashion accessories from 300+ other Italian & internationally renowned brands to over 10 major distributors and more than 150K registered retailers worldwide.

All items are carefully selected and quality-checked with the aim to create a long-term and solid relationship with customers.​


  • Ship to Italy within 2-3 working days, EU within 3-6 days, and other countries within 10 days.
  • Up to 50%-80% discounts off the retail price.
  • Product descriptions in 24 languages.
  • Multilingual customer service, product consulting, and technical assistance.
  • Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento, andShopify dropshipping apps.
  • Accept credit cards, bank transfers, MyBank, PayPal, and Klarna.


  • The minimum order amount is €500.

4. BrandsDistribution

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Launched in 2009, BrandsDistribution is another leading wholesale luxury fashion vendor located in Italy EU.

It carries authentic Nike sneakers along with clothes from other top brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Guess, Bikkembergs, Ellesse, etc.

BrandsDistribution is among Italian companies with high growth potential identified by the London Stock Exchange Group.


  • Ship within 5-10 days to 170+ countries and territories via DHL, FedEx, Poste Italiane, and Boxberry.
  • Discounts on high purchase volumes.
  • Dedicated sales assistance.
  • Exclusive distribution solutions to help you become the only distributor in your country for a specific brand.
  • Support dropshipping (integration with Wix, PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Ecwid, Amazon, and eBay).
  • Accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, wire transfers, PayPal, and Klarna.


  • The minimum order for customers within the EU/US is €500 and for customers outside those regions is €1,000.

5. Merkandi

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Merkandi is an international wholesale trading platform to buy liquidation stock Nike fashion apparel, overstocks, excess stocks, bankrupt stocks, and customer returns in bulk from various third-party brokers.

Currently, it has over 75K users from over 150+ countries worldwide.


  • Payment options include Paypal, major credit/debit cards, and wire transfers.


  • High minimum order requirement.
  • Usually high shipping fees to countries outside the EU.

6. Low Low Wholesale Distributors

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Low Low Wholesale Distributors offers Nike short sets and jogging suits.

This company is based in New York City, United States.


  • Deliver within 5-7 days throughout the USA.


  • Only accepting cash option payments (Cash App, Zelle, and Apple Pay).
  • The minimum order quantity is 12 units.
  • Not shipping outside the US.

7. Nike Marketplace Partner

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The final place to purchase original Nike clothes in bulk for resale is the official Nike website itself.

As we have mentioned, Nike allows you to become an authorized distributor of the brand by submitting an application detailing all of your business information, location, business model, valid wholesale license issued through your local government, etc.


  • The most authentic way to wholesale Nike products without worrying about legal issues.


  • Strict application processes.

How To Start Selling Nike Apparel Online Without Buying Wholesale

If you don’t have a lot of cash beforehand to buy items in bulk, you can still start an online store selling Nike clothes by leveraging a business model called “dropshipping.”

It works like this: When someone purchases something from your shop, you send the order information to third-party supplierswho then help you pack and ship the products directly to the customers. This essentially removes you from the need to keep items in stock, and you only have to take care of the marketing parts of your business.

To learn more about this topic, check out our comprehensive guide to starting a profitable dropshipping business and the best Nike dropshipping suppliers.

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7 Best Wholesale Authentic Nike Clothing Vendors (2024)


Does Nike sell to wholesalers? ›

Nike has begun quietly re-entering into wholesale deals with retailers like DSW and Macy's after pivoting to direct-to-consumer sales in 2017. Wholesale still accounts for the majority of the brand's sales, generating $25.6 billion in 2022, compared to $18.7 billion in direct sales.

Who are the suppliers of Nike? ›

Key Takeaways
  • Nike is the largest seller of athletic apparel and footwear, generating nearly $37.5 billion in sales. ...
  • Most of its products are sourced from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. ...
  • Major suppliers include Pou Chen, PT Pan Brothers, Fulgent Sun International, Delta Galil, and Eagle Nice.

Is Nike a wholesale brand? ›

On Thursday, Nike CEO John Donahoe said its return to wholesale distribution of Nike merchandise is "a continued evolution" of its strategy to reach as many shoppers as possible, including through department stores and other chains.

Can Nikes be made in China? ›

Where are Nike shoes manufactured? If the tag says "made in China" are the shoes fake? No. The vast majority of real Nike shoes are made in factories in China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

Can I buy from Nike and resell it? ›

This applies to both in-store and online purchases. “Nike Stores, including any consumer rights or policies offered in Nike Stores, are intended solely for the benefit of end consumers, and therefore purchase of products for resale is strictly prohibited,” according to the terms of service.

Is Nike a manufacturer or wholesaler? ›

It is the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$46 billion in its fiscal year 2022.

Where does Nike get their clothes from? ›

All three pillars of Nike's product range are produced in Vietnam: footwear, apparel, and equipment. This includes both Converse and Nike branded products. Currently, Nike's biggest investment in Vietnam is in apparel with 71 factories producing garments for the sporting giant.

Who does Nike get their clothes from? ›

Like footwear, all of NIKE's apparel is manufactured outside the US by independent contract manufacturers. In fiscal year 2014, NIKE was supplied by ~430 apparel factories operating in 41 countries. China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Malaysia accounted for most of the apparel production.

Does Nike sell directly to consumers? ›

Nike also noted that its direct sales, which include its website and owned-and-operated stores, outperformed, with member buying frequency increasing and store sales growing across all geographies, leading to a rise of 17% year over year to $5.3 billion.

What is a wholesale clothing distributor? ›

A wholesale clothing distributor buys clothing in bulk to sell to retailers. The retailers then sell the acquired clothing, usually at a higher price. A great benefit of wholesale is the speed at which clothing can appear in stores and boutiques.

What retailers does Nike sell to? ›

Nike will keep their sales partnerships with larger U.S. retail chains, including DICK'S Sporting Goods, DSW, Famous Footwear, Finish Line, Foot Locker, JCPenney, Kohl's, and Shoe Carnival.

What company is considered a wholesaler? ›

A wholesaler acts as an intermediary or middleman in the supply chain. The most common example of a wholesaler is a company that purchases completed products from manufacturers then distributes these products to retailers, which then sell smaller quantities of the product to the end-user.

How do you check if my Nike is original? ›

The tongue of genuine Nike sneakers features the brand logo on the upper. On the inside of the tongue, the tag should show the product information, including the size and country of manufacture. There will also be a 9-digit serial number, which should match the code on the box.

How do you tell if my Nikes are real? ›

All Nike shoes come in a box that is labeled and tagged properly. The box color and print will differ depending on the style you purchase, but the most common boxes used are orange, brown, and red. The side of the box should display important information, including style, size, SKU and/or serial number, and barcode.

How do I know if my Nike shirt is original? ›

Nike product code

If you want to check if a shirt is fake, Google the product code on the small inside label near the bottom of the shirt. The code you're looking for with Nike shirts is a 9 digit code made up of 6 digits, a dash and 3 digits.

How does Nike get their products to stores? ›

NIKE distributes its products through three major channels: By selling products to wholesalers in the US and international markets. By direct-to-consumer (or DTC) sales, which include in line and factory retail outlets (see graph below) and e-commerce sales through www.nike.com. Sales to global brand divisions.

How does Nike distribute products? ›

Nike employs both direct and indirect channels of distributions. The direct channels include the fully owned distribution subsidiaries and retail outlets. Indirect channels include independent distributors and other licensed agents.

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