Barbie Birthday Party (2024)

Birthdays in Corona-times are hard. Espcially when you’re five.

Each summer, I help my sister plan the perfect party for my sweet niece. We usually reserve the pool we are members at and invite all her close friends and family.

But this year the pool’s closed, and social distancing made it unsafe to have a big bash. However, I just knew I had to find a way to celebrate her in a big way!

So I put on my party planning hat and cleaned my house really good, and invited my Mom and sister over for a super extra and also adorable Barbie birthday party honoring my favorite 5 year old!

Barbie Birthday Party (1)

Barbie Birthday Outfit

I always make my niece a special birthday shirt and this year was no exception. My sister found a design she liked online and I re-created something similar.

I added it to a cute tank I got from Children’s Place and added a tutu and hair bow and the result was adorable.

She is the epitome of a Birthday Doll!

Barbie Birthday Party (2)

Barbie Party Food

Since the guests were limited, I didn’t go all out on food this year.

It was also hard to find Barbie themed food ideas and my creative juices were running a little dry, so instead I just settled for pink food.

Barbie Birthday Party (3)

We had pink goldfish.

Barbie Birthday Party (4)

I found these cute popcorn boxes on Amazon and added a black Barbie silhouette! They turned out adorably!

Barbie Birthday Party (5)

I also ordered some pink cake pops from a local baker (Tasty Tidbits and Crafty Snipits). I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette to cut out some clip art with the top half of Barbie to make it look like the cake pops were her skirt.

Barbie Birthday Party (6)

We had a fruit tray as well. The fruit dip was supposed to be pink but the strawberry cream cheese I used wasn’t pink enough. I also had no pink food coloring on hand.

Barbie Birthday Party (7)

The food coloring was a bit of an issue. I’d planned to turn these pigs in a blanket pink, but again, forgot to get pink. I tried red thinking it would lighten up, but instead it looked like a crime scene. I’ll spare you those pictures though!

Barbie Birthday Party (8)Barbie Birthday Party (9)

My sister also ordered a cake from a baker friend of hers. It turned out amazing and was super delicious!

Barbie Birthday Party (10)

Our drink of choice was of course pink lemonade! I jazzed up our cups with some cute Barbie decals and paper straws. The girls loved them so much they asked me to wash them so they could use them again!

Barbie Birthday Party (11)

I also added decals to some pink plates to make everything coordinate.

Barbie Birthday Party (12)

I found most of our party supplies on Amazon. I’ve linked the products we’ve used below.

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase from these links I may make a small commission at no cost to you.

Barbie Party Decorations

The decorations for this party were so much fun to make!

I knew the birthday girl wanted lots of pink and I loved the Barbie silhouettes I’d seen on Pinterest so I went with a pink and black color scheme and made a bunch of crafts centered around those. I also layered table clothes across each of the tables to add to the pink/black color scheme.

Barbie Birthday Party (13)
Barbie Birthday Party (14)

This banner seemed a lot easier in my mind. I realized there’s a reason I typically create printable banners for our parties.

Barbie Birthday Party (15)

I used my Silhouette to cut out the pendants, letters and silhouettes and then hot glued them together. I found some rhinestone I’d scored at the Dollar Tree ages ago and hot glued it to the top to add some bling.

Barbie Birthday Party (16)

The centerpieces were actually just popcorn boxes filled with shredded tissues and beads. I cut all of the images out with my Silhouette and hot glued them on to paper straws.

Barbie Birthday Party (17)

I also made some bit tissue pom poms and scattered them around to add some extra pops of pink.

Barbie Birthday Party (18)

This was a Pinterest fail for sure! My sister commented that Barbie looked like she wanted to escape!

I think I needed a little bit bigger bell jar!

Barbie Birthday Party (19)

I love these scalloped edge frames and use them for parties all the time! This year I made her a cute Keep Calm and Play with Barbies sign. It was super simple to make!

Barbie Birthday Party (20)

My sister also created this cute little piñita! The girls had a blast breaking it open and scoring lots of candy!

Barbie Birthday Party (21)

There you have it! The best Barbie birthday party no one ever got to attend. Well except the 7 of us, that is.

So in hindsight, was it a little over the top?

Yes. Absolutely Yes.

But was it also worth it?

Look at the smile on this precious babies face. It speaks for itself!

Barbie Birthday Party (22)

Like this Barbie birthday party? Check out my other themed parties! Planning parties is one of my favorite things to do!

Also, be sure to follow me on Pinterest. I’m always on the prowl for cute party ideas!

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Barbie Birthday Party (2024)
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