Galentine's Day 2024: Explore these celebration ideas and tips for hosting the ultimate G-Day party (2024)

Galentine's Day, often celebrated on Feb. 13 (but not limited to this date), is a celebration of female friendship coined by the beloved TV show "Parks and Recreation."

This holiday has evolved into an annual tradition. It's when girlfriends come together to revel in their bond with one another.

Whether you and your girlfriends are single or in relationships, Galentine's Day is an ideal excuse to get together to celebrate love, plunge deep into the carb-heavy dishes and candy-filled containers, sip co*cktails or mocktails, and enjoy the company of your favorite companions.

If you're looking to host the ultimate Galentine's Day bash for your girl squad, read on for creative ideas, delicious treats and bonding activities that will make the celebration one for the books.

  1. Decorations

  2. Themed invitations

  3. Delicious treats

  4. Activities

  5. Commemorate the moment


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Set the mood with festive decorations that celebrate friendship and fun. Shoot for a vibrant and on-theme color scheme like pinks, reds, purples and golds.


Fill the space with heart-shaped balloons either tied together or loosely floating around the ceiling, personalized banners and fairy lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider incorporating DIY elements like handmade garlands or photo collages showcasing memorable moments with your guests.

Use free design platforms like Canva to create table decor like food and drink menus, welcome signs, or printable games.

"A DIY heart-shaped balloon wall is fool-proof, even if you're not a DIY master," Danielle Tullo La Testa, founder of DLT Creative Services based in New Jersey told Fox News Digital. "You can order heart shaped balloons on Amazon with some double-sided sticky tape, and you're golden."

Tullo La Testa also recommends adding bows to Champagne glasses or candleholders for an easy but adorable touch.

If you're looking for a very relaxed vibe, set big fluffy pillows on the floor surrounding a low coffee table. Incorporate feather down blankets for guests to sit on and ask them to arrive in pajamas and slippers.

Enhance the festivity with thoughtful party favors for your guests, including personalized items such as custom-made scented candles, monogrammed sleep masks or small succulents.

Galentine's Day 2024: Explore these celebration ideas and tips for hosting the ultimate G-Day party (2)

Kick off the excitement with themed invitations that reflect the spirit of your ultimate Galentine's Day. Include all the necessary details for guests like where and when, but also what to expect or the elements you're asking guests to arrive with.

Are you hosting a dinner party or co*cktail night? Maybe you're requesting each girl to bring a bottle of wine or appetizer. Whatever the case, include each detail in your invitation.

"Pick a theme that feels exciting to you and easy to follow," Tullo La Testa said. "For instance, I love a pajama theme. It's fun and cute, and it doesn't make anyone feel like they need to splurge on anything crazy. Plus, who doesn't want to get to wear pajamas out?"

Playful and personalized invites can also assist in setting the tone for your celebration. If you intend on inviting just a few guests, personalize each invitation with their name for an extra special touch. For larger parties, design an envelope that evokes eagerness at first glance.


Explore online platforms that provide an array of graphic choices, designs and lively color palettes. From Canva to the customizable options on Evite, Zazzle, Adobe and Shutterfly, these websites offer a spectrum of possibilities to add that extra flair to your invitations. Also consider supporting a small business or artists on Etsy.

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No Galentine's Day party is complete without delectable treats.

Take your celebration to the next level with a dessert table featuring an array of sweet treats, such as heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes, a candy charcuterie, and even a candy salad, as seen in a viral TikTok video posted by @jillian.pickard with what she calls "the BIGGEST Valentine's candy salad."

In the clip, the creator tosses over a dozen candies in shades of pink, red and white onto a counter, unwrapping each bag before combining them into a sweet masterpiece. Since its upload on Jan. 13, 2024, the video has accumulated some 32,000 likes and 600,000 views.

To replicate the viral candy salad recipe at home, here are suggestions for gathering candies in advance:

  1. Sweethearts

  2. M&M's Cupid Mix

  3. Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts

  4. Welch’s Fruit Snacks Valentines Edition

  5. Sour Patch Kids Message Hearts

  6. Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts

  7. Twizzlers Hearts

  8. Haribo Be Mine Mix

  9. Blow Pop Minis

  10. Sweet Tarts Conversation Hearts


The adorable heart shape of the treats brings a festive flair to your party decorations and crafts moments worthy of an Instagram post.

Tullo La Testa's must-have element to every Galentine's Day is a pink mocktail or co*cktail.

"My tried and true favorite is cotton candy in a Champagne coupe," she said. She recommends pouring prosecco or Champagne atop the cotton candy. Or, if your hosting with mocktails, include seltzer water instead.

"It's fairly cost-effective to make (especially if you stick with prosseco), is a fun moment for guests, and feels special even though it's simple," Tullo La Testa added.

Consider these delightful options:

  1. Santa Margherita Rosé

  2. Santa Margherita Sparkling Rosé

  3. Raspberry mojito mocktail

  4. Red espresso martini

  5. Cosmopolitan

Galentine's Day 2024: Explore these celebration ideas and tips for hosting the ultimate G-Day party (4)

Integrating engaging activities into your Galentine's Day party serves as the secret ingredient that elevates the entire celebration.

Prepare a variety of activities aimed at creating joyful memories. Ideas include:

  1. DIY craft station

  2. Game night

  3. Movie marathon

  4. Dessert-making competition

By offering a range of activities, tailored to the interests of your guests, you ensure that everyone finds a source of joy in the festivities.

These activities not only break the ice but also foster natural conversations, making them especially valuable for larger groups or when introducing new people.


Take a moment to be present during a Galentine's Day party, adding a meaningful touch to the celebration.

It's a way of acknowledging the significance of being together with your girl squad and cherishing the unique bond you share.

Whether it's capturing a group photo, creating keepsakes or exchanging heartfelt notes, these commemorative activities serve as tangible reminders of the laughter, joy and connection experienced during the gathering.

Tullo La Testa has been hosting Galentine's Day gatherings for years.

"It's been fun to see how they've evolved based on trends," she said. "When I first started hosting it was all about bright colors and fuzzy faux furs. Now this year, it's all about pastels and bows!"

Galentine's Day is an event to become a cherished memory that underscores the enduring strength and beauty of friendships.

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Original article source: Galentine's Day 2024: Explore these celebration ideas and tips for hosting the ultimate G-Day party

Galentine's Day 2024: Explore these celebration ideas and tips for hosting the ultimate G-Day party (2024)
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