Host the Ultimate Galentine's Day Party in 10 Simple Steps (2024)

Host a Galentine's Day party to celebrate your gal pals in a special way this year. The holiday dedicated to friendship falls on February 13th, and is the ultimate opportunity to plan a fun get-together with your girls.

Whether you want to treat your circle of friends to an elegant dinner party with signature co*cktails, or are thinking of a more casual,

, use these 10 steps to throw a fun party filled with thoughtful details to let your best ladies know how much they mean to you!

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1. Send Paper Invites

Valentine's Day cards aren't just for kids' classroom exchanges or romantic partners. A sweet invitation makes an event extra special and builds excitement, so go the traditional route with a paper invite card that sets the tone for your Galentine's Day gathering. Make sure to list all the essentials—time and day, location, parking or travel directions, and any important details such as the party theme, dress code, or gift exchange details. Plus, our printable designs make it easy to pop your own paper Valentines in the mail.

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2. Set a Theme

Center your gathering around a festive theme, and let guests know ahead of time so they know what to wear. Depending on the time and place of your gathering, the atmosphere you're going for, and the theme, you can mention any dress code details on the invite card. Declare it a throwback-style slumber party theme, and invite your guests to wear their coziest PJs and slippers for a casual night in. Or, go all out with an elegant dinner party and tell your bffs to dress for the occasion.

3. Plan a 'Favorite Things' Gift Exchange

Put a Galentine's Day spin on the classic white elephant gift exchange with a 'favorite things' theme. The idea is simple: Set a price limit, and ask each guest to choose one of their favorite items or products. If you have 5 guests attending, each guest would bring 5 of the same lipstick, mascara, or indulgent chocolate. At the end of the evening, each person leaves with one of everything. It's a fun way to treat your friends to a sweet gift, and you may discover a few new favorites for yourself too! You'll need to set the guest list ahead of time for this to work, as you'll have to let everyone know how many items to bring.

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4. Deck the Halls—Or the Table

Use your party decorations to carry your Galentine's Day theme throughout your space. Determine your main gathering space—like a coffee table or dining room table—and start by assembling a DIY centerpiece. Making your own centerpiece doesn't have to be difficult or expensive—pick up a couple of bouquets of flowers at your local grocery store and choose a pretty vessel to hold them. Arrange stems like a pro by creating a taped grid on the vase opening, starting with greenery around the edges, and completing the design with focal and filler flowers.

5. Make It Personal

Whether you're hosting a fancy get-together or a casual party, elevate the event with beautiful place settings. If you're hosting a dinner party, start with a tablecloth for a colorful base, then layer it with pretty place mats, dishes, glassware, and a personal place setting with each person's name.

For more casual or themed gatherings, forgo the place card in place of a small, personalized gift for each person. Find an inexpensive item that fits the theme, such as fuzzy socks for a pajama-themed gathering, or friendship bracelets for an Eras Tour-inspired evening. A thoughtful item or place setting will make each guest feel special while furthering your party theme.

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6. Serve a Signature Drink

Set up a stylish entertaining station using a decorated bar cart and serve a signature drink as a delicious toast to love and friendship. Have an option for both co*cktails and mocktails, and make your drinks extra festive with cute glassware, fun straws, and stirrers. Make special ice cubes with fresh fruit, herbs, or edible flowers to add to the drinks and style your bar cart for the event with themed co*cktail napkins, candles, or decor.

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7. Opt for a Menu of Appetizers

Instead of an elaborate three course meal, opt for a menu of appetizers. Not only is it a fun twist, but it's a good way to cut down on prep and cooking time if you include appetizers that are store-bought, easily assembled, and can be prepared beforehand. Include a variety of warm and cold appetizers as well as snacks, dips, and spreads for the ultimate finger-food menu. Alternatively, set a theme (like 'pink foods') for the snacks and ask each guest to bring something to share.

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8. Set Up a Dessert Bar

Celebrate the sweet side of Galentine's Day with a dessert bar or board. Include your favorite cookies, bars, and candies in all shades of pink. You can make these yourself, or grab an assortment of premade treats for a quick and easy spread. Depending on the size of your guest list, you can also ask your pals to bring a dessert to share.

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9. Set Up a Photo Backdrop

Document your party with cute photos! Set up a designated photo wall by creating a fun backdrop that matches your theme. Create a wall made up of silk or paper flowers, a shimmery curtain of metallic streamers and twinkle lights, or a festive balloon arrangement. Set out a polaroid camera to snap candids of the gals throughout the evening—which also gives guests something to take home with them at the end of the night.

Host the Ultimate Galentine's Day Party in 10 Simple Steps (5)

10. Send Your Gals Home with Favors

Party favors are a sweet finishing touch for any themed gathering. For your Galentine's Day party, put together love-themed favors that double as creative Valentines. Add pink candies to clear bags or boxes, and decorate them with a creative label that matches the party theme.

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Host the Ultimate Galentine's Day Party in 10 Simple Steps (2024)
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