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Feature Subset Selection Approach by Gray-Wolf Optimization
    E. EmaryHossam M. ZawbaaC. GrosanAboul Ella Hassenian

    Computer Science


  • 2014

A classification accuracy-based fitness function is proposed by gray-wolf optimizer to find optimal feature subset and proves much robustness against initialization in comparison with PSO and GA optimizers.

  • 179
Sine cosine optimization algorithm for feature selection
    Ahmed HafezHossam M. ZawbaaE. EmaryA. Hassanien

    Computer Science

    2016 International Symposium on INnovations in…

  • 2016

The proposed system for feature selection is proposed using a sine cosine algorithm and shows an advance over other search methods as particle swarm optimization (PSO) and genetic algorithm (GA) optimizers commonly used in this context using different evaluation indicators.

  • 105
Firefly Optimization Algorithm for Feature Selection
    E. EmaryHossam M. ZawbaaK. K. A. GhanyA. HassanienB. Pârv

    Computer Science


  • 2015

The proposed system for feature selection based on firefly algorithm (FFA) optimization proves advance over other search methods as particle swarm optimization (PSO) and genetic algorithm (GA) optimizers commonly used in this context using different evaluation indicators.

  • 87
An innovative approach for feature selection based on chicken swarm optimization

The proposed CSO algorithm, a new bio-inspired algorithm mimicking the hierarchal order of the chicken swarm and the behaviors of chicken swarm, can efficiently extract the chickens' swarm intelligence to optimize problems.

  • 50
Dimensional Reduction Based on Artificial Bee Colony for Classification Problems
    Thananan PrasartvitB. KaewkamnerdpongT. Achalakul

    Computer Science


  • 2011

The result of this study shows that using ABC and SVM is suitable for reducing the dimension of data and this approach provides efficient classification with high accuracy.

  • 8
Hybrid Monkey Algorithm with Krill Herd Algorithm optimization for feature selection
    Ahmed HafezA. HassanienHossam M. ZawbaaE. Emary

    Computer Science

    2015 11th International Computer Engineering…

  • 2015

The proposed system was tested on 18 data sets and proves advance over other search methods as particle swarm optimization (PSO) and genetic algorithm (GA) optimizers commonly used in this context using different evaluation indicators.

  • 19
Dimesionality Reduction using Association Rule Mining
    Sajal Kumar DasB. Nath

    Computer Science

    2008 IEEE Region 10 and the Third international…

  • 2008

This paper summarizes survey on feature selection and extraction from high-dimensionality data sets using genetic algorithm and tries to develop GA-based approach utilizing a feedback linkage between feature evaluation and association rule.

  • 7
Feature Reduction of Nearest Neighbor Classifiers using Genetic Algorithm
    M. AnalouiM. Amiri

    Computer Science

  • 2008

A new approach is presented to feature extraction in which feature selection, feature extraction, and classifier training are performed simultaneously using a genetic algorithm.

  • 15
  • PDF
Bio-inspired BAT optimization algorithm for handwritten Arabic characters recognition
    A. SahlolC. SuenHossam M. ZawbaaA. HassanienM. A. Elfattah

    Computer Science

    2016 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation…

  • 2016

The proposed optimization algorithm obtained promising results in terms of classification accuracy as the proposed system is able to recognize 91.59 % of the test set correctly and is more efficient in most experiments when comparing with GA and PSO.

  • 14
Reducing bioinformatics data dimension with ABC-kNN
    Thananan PrasartvitAnan BanharnsakunB. KaewkamnerdpongT. Achalakul

    Biology, Computer Science


  • 2013
  • 41



10 References

Feature selection using tabu search method
    Hongbin ZhangGuangyu Sun

    Computer Science

    Pattern Recognit.

  • 2002
  • 268
  • PDF
Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection
    Il-Seok OhJin-Seon LeeB. Moon

    Computer Science

    IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell.

  • 2004

Experiments revealed that the proposed hybrid GA is superior to both a simple GA and sequential search algorithms, and showed better convergence properties compared to the classical GAs.

  • 884
  • PDF
Dimensionality reduction using genetic algorithms
    M. RaymerW. PunchE. GoodmanL. KuhnAnil K. Jain

    Computer Science

    IEEE Trans. Evol. Comput.

  • 2000

This work presents a new approach to feature extraction in which feature selection and extraction and classifier training are performed simultaneously using a genetic algorithm, and employs this technique in combination with the k nearest neighbor classification rule.

  • 877
  • PDF
Fast generic selection of features for neural network classifiers
    F. BrillDonald E. BrownW. Martin

    Computer Science

    IEEE Trans. Neural Networks

  • 1992

The authors describe experiments using a genetic algorithm for feature selection in the context of neural network classifiers, specifically, counterpropagation networks, and propose a method called the training set sampling, which selects feature sets that are as good as and occasionally better for counterPropagation than those chosen by an evaluation that uses the entire training set.

  • 235
Particle swarm optimization
    James KennedyRussell Eberhart

    Computer Science, Mathematics

    Proceedings of ICNN'95 - International Conference…

  • 1995

A concept for the optimization of nonlinear functions using particle swarm methodology is introduced. The evolution of several paradigms is outlined, and an implementation of one of the paradigms is

  • 57,748
  • PDF
Using mutual information for selecting features in supervised neural net learning
    R. Battiti

    Computer Science, Mathematics

    IEEE Trans. Neural Networks

  • 1994

This paper investigates the application of the mutual information criterion to evaluate a set of candidate features and to select an informative subset to be used as input data for a neural network

  • 2,540
  • PDF
Nearest neighbor pattern classification
    T. CoverP. Hart

    Mathematics, Computer Science

    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory

  • 1967

The nearest neighbor decision rule assigns to an unclassified sample point the classification of the nearest of a set of previously classified points, so it may be said that half the classification information in an infinite sample set is contained in the nearest neighbor.

  • 12,647
  • PDF
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems: An Introductory Analysis with Applications to Biology, Control, and Artificial Intelligence
    J. Holland

    Biology, Computer Science

  • 1992

Initially applying his concepts to simply defined artificial systems with limited numbers of parameters, Holland goes on to explore their use in the study of a wide range of complex, naturally occuring processes, concentrating on systems having multiple factors that interact in nonlinear ways.

  • 39,616
Shape based local thresholding for binarization of document images
    Jichuan ShiNilanjan RayHong Zhang

    Computer Science

    Pattern Recognit. Lett.

  • 2012
  • 3,324
  • PDF
UCI Repository of machine learning databases
    Catherine Blake

    Computer Science

  • 1998
  • 14,207

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