These Creative Galentine's Day Ideas Are So Much More Fun Than Your V-Day Plans (2024)

Sure, Valentine's Day may get a lot of attention, with stores everywhere suddenly festooned in red and pink decorations and stocked with an overwhelming supply of chocolates. But it’s the day before — Galentine's Day — that really has our heart.

Galentine’s Day (or Palentine’s Day) may be a niche holiday, but it's a beloved one. As Merriam-Webster defines it, Galentine's Day is “a holiday observed on February 13 as a time to celebrate friendships, especially among women.”

The holiday began in 2010, inspired by the NBC show Parks and Recreation, per PEOPLE. In the show, Galentine's Day was a day in which Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) would gather with her best gal pals over breakfast. Leslie would also present each friend with custom gifts and a special essay to express her appreciation for them.

While going over the top is not required for a successful Galentine’s Day celebration, you may be looking for fun and creative ways to honor your best friends. Have a toast to long-lasting friendship with these 15 Galentine's Day ideas.

Candle Making

Gather your pals together and make candles in the comfort of your home by purchasing a candle making kit — or sign up for a local class. It’s a great way to bond, and you each get to go home with a candle to light later. Plus, every time you light it, you can think of your friends.

Cake Baking and Decorating Night

Invite the crew over for a night of baking and cake-decorating. Want to go the lazy route? Buy premade cupcakes and simply have a spread of icings, sprinkles, and other goodies to top your treats with.

Take a Dance Class

Instead of a way-too-late night out at the club, enjoy some heart-pumping cardio at a local dance studio. Take a class in ballet, hip-hop, ballet class, or modern dance. Learn some new choreography and challenge your bodies.

Do a Sound Bath

Want to take a more mindful approach to Galentine’s Day? Slow down your minds and sit in stillness while taking in the healing vibrations of a sound bath. You and your crew will leave feeling super relaxed.


The good news about painting by number is that you need zero artistic ability to walk away with a gorgeous painting. Find a print you like online and have everyone meet at your place to get artsy together.

Hit Up a Driving Range

Grab your golf clubs (or rent them at the range) and hit the links. Can’t do it outdoors? Find an indoor range like TopGolf to show off your swing.

Play Paintball or Laser Tag

Book a slot at a local paintball field or laser tag park, and let yourself feel like a kid again. Not only will you and your friends be able to get competitive with each other, it will guarantee laughs and memories.

Take a Cooking Class

By the end of taking a cooking class together, your crew will be culinary experts on a favorite dish. Love Italian food? Find a pasta-making class. Is Asian cuisine your favorite? Book a sushi-making class and nosh on your creations together.

Visit an Escape Room

Put your heads together and work collaboratively through an escape room. Add an element of competition by putting together a prize for the winners.

Take a Hot Yoga Class

The cold mid-February temps have nothing on a heated yoga studio. You and your friends will sweat buckets, and you can celebrate your session with some fresh-pressed juices afterward.

Plan a Hike

Throw on your hiking boots and get your gang outdoors for some fresh air and scenery. Try a new locale or stick to a tried-and-true trail that you all can enjoy in nature together.

Go Ice Skating

Rent some skates at your local rink and bundle up for some time on the ice together. You can grab hot chocolate from the concession stand and catch up with each other in between circuits.

Try Axe Throwing

There’s no better time than Galentine’s Day to try axe throwing with your pals. Book a time slot in advance and see who has the best strength, skill, and aim of your friend group.

Create Vision Boards

Grab that stack of old magazines and turn them into inspiring collages called vision boards. Once you’re done creating, share them and talk about how you can support each other’s goals for the future.

Black-and-White Movie Night

Craving some old Hollywood glamour? Line up a few classic flicks to watch while chilling together. Scope out this comprehensive list of 50 of the best black-and-white movies, courtesy of Variety.

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These Creative Galentine's Day Ideas Are So Much More Fun Than Your V-Day Plans (2024)
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