World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT (2024)

World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT (1)

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  • Outsider Jones reaches Crucible final
  • Wilson books his place in the final!
  • Jon Boon, Features writer

THE final of the World Snooker Championship is upon us - and it's set to be a thriller.

Stuart Bingham may have dumped Ronnie O'Sullivan out of the tournament, but the Englishman couldn't claim a spot in this year's final after a 17-12 defeat to qualifier Jak Jones.

Kyren Wilson booked his place in this year's World Championship last-two with a 17-11 win over David Gilbert in the semis.

  • Final start time:1pm BST
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  • TV channel:BBC One/Two/Four/Eurosport
  • Explainer: What is the prize money?


Follow ALL the action from Crucible with our live blog below...

  • 33 minutes agoBy Ellie Grant

    Best Official

    Tatian Woollaston is the best referee in snooker according to Ronnie O'Sullivan, Reanne Evans and Jimmy White.

    After yesterdays semi-final presenter Radzi Chinyanganya asked pundits O'Sullivan, Evans and White for a word on Woollaston.

    O'Sullivan said: "Best ref in the world, mate. By a mile. All day long, for me."

    Evans, 38, said: "She's a top ref, I really rate her."

    Jimmy White added: "She will do a final."


  • Today, 11:34By Ellie Grant

    Edkardt response

    Referee Marcel Edkardt wrote on his Twitter after the incident: "To clear things up.

    "I witnessed misbehaviour on multiple occasions coming from a specific area in the crowd during the last frame which in the end forced a player to miss a crucial shot.

    "I do realise that the timing wasn’t great, but I felt that I had to say something.

    "It took too long and it was ott considering the circ*mstances.

    "I do apologise to everyone who didn’t understand what was going on. Lesson learnt."


  • Today, 11:33By James Orr

    Referee apology

    Ref Marcel Edkardt has apologised after confronting a fan who "forced" Stuart Bingham to "miss a shot" last night.

    The incident happened as Bingham took a vital shot in hisclash against Jak Jonesin theWorld Snooker Championshipsemi-final.

    After the match, Eckardt took to social media to address the incident and apologised to those who did not realised what had happened.


  • Today, 10:27By Ellie Grant

    Jak it in

    Jake Jones does not believe he is playing well, despite reaching the final of the World Snooker Championship.

    The Welshman, ranked No44 in the world, has struggled for consistency this year speaking to Eurosport after last night's triumph, Jones laid his struggles bare.

    He said: "I don't feel like I've played well. I didn't come here with any confidence.

    "If anything I wish I was putting something better on, for the people watching.

    "But I suppose if I'm winning where I feel like that it can only get better."


  • Today, 10:07By Jon Boon

    Today's order of play

    The final gets underway from 1pm BST and then the evening session follows at 7pm.

    And remember this one will be a best of 35 frames.

    Final (best of 35)

    1pm afternoon session

    Kyren Wilson va Jak Jones

    7pm evening session

    Kyren Wilson vs Jak Jones


  • Today, 09:45By Jon Boon

    Wilson on a winning diet this time

    Kyren Wilson says he is keeping to salmon and staying away from the pizzas and beers this time round.

    Northampton ace Wilson said: “It’s just like Groundhog Day. You have to keep doing the right things, keep eating the right food.

    “I may end up growing gills given the amount of salmon I have been eating.

    “At 16 frames up, I look at the scoreboard and saw it was best off 33 frames, but until then, I didn’t really know. You lose what day it is.”


  • Today, 08:55By Jon Boon

    Wilson on his 2020 final experience

    Wilson said: “I ate too much pizza and drank too much Peronits the night before the 2020 final.

    “I woke up that morning and so tired. The fire alarm went off the morning of the final. I had been up since 6am, having had three hours sleep.

    “But I can handle a final better now. I know what emotions to feel.”


  • Today, 08:40By Jon Boon

    Wilson sleeping like a log

    Kyren Wilson says he has been seeing a hypnotherapist to get him to sleep at The Crucible.

    Wilsonsaid: "I have had a lot of people help me. I have worked with as solution hypnotherapist. We started working before the worlds.

    "He has been really helping me with my sleep, knocking me out basically. I slept eight-and-a-half hours last night."


  • Today, 08:06By Jon Boon

    More from Jones

    Jak Jones has admitted he didn't come into the tournament in good shape at all.

    Jones said: “I haven’t made a quarter-final all season. I didn’t come here with any confidence or sharper.

    “I am not playing well, I am winning, I am not doing any exceptional, I am not scoring heavy. But I didn’t feel nervous out there.”


  • Today, 07:51By Jon Boon

    Jones on making the big final

    Jak Jones said: "I can't believe it. When I watch the world final every year, what an unbelievable occasion it is.

    "It doesn't feel real that I am in it. I couldn’t be any happier.

    "It has not been easy, there are a lot of players on Tour."


  • Today, 07:39By Jon Boon

    Qualifiers to have reached the final

    Jak Jones will be the NINTH qualifier to reach the final, joining the list including:

    • Canadian Cliff Thorburn (1977)
    • South African Perrie Mans (1978)
    • Welshman Terry Griffiths (1979)
    • England’s Shaun Murphy (2005)
    • Leicester's Mark Selby(2007)
    • Scotsman Graeme Dott (2010)
    • Bristol-bornJudd Trump(2011)
    • China’s Ding Junhui (2016)


  • Today, 07:29By Jon Boon

    Jak on the box

    Jak Jones will try to become the third qualifier in Crucible history to lift the World Snooker Championship.

    The Welshman, 30, knocked out former world champStuart Binghamwith a 17-12 victory in the second semi-final, which lasted more than twelve hours.

    Remarkably this is first-ever ranking tournament final on the World Snooker Tour.

    The Silent Assassin -who started the tournament at 200/1 to win it with the bookies - only secured his place in the main draw this spring with two qualifying wins at the English Institute of Sport.

    And he is the ninth qualifier to appear in the two-day finale in South Yorkshire.


  • Today, 07:13By James Orr

    Final day is today

    The BIG final at The Crucible is on today when qualifier Jak Jones takes on 2020 finalist Kyren Wilson.

    It all kicks off with the first frame from 1pm BST.

    Jones was 200/1 at the start of the tournament, can he go on and shock the world?


  • 4th May 2024, 23:40By Rob Maul

    Read our report

    Jak Jones is in the Crucible showpiece.

    Read our report.

    World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT (8)
    JAK OF ALL TRADES Qualifier Jak Jones on brink of 200/1 World Snooker Championships miracle


  • 4th May 2024, 22:58By Rob Maul

    Jones' joy

    I can’t believe it. When I watch the world final every year, what an unbelievable occasion it is. It doesn’t feel real that I am in it. I couldn’t be any happier.
    “It has not been easy, there are a lot of players on Tour.
    “I haven’t made a quarter-final all season. I didn’t come here with any confidence or sharper.
    “I am not playing well, I am winning, I am not doing any exceptional, I am not scoring heavy. But I didn’t feel nervous out there.”

    Jak Jones


  • 4th May 2024, 22:42By Jon Boon

    Bingham 12-17 Jones

    And that's it. Jones is in the final, clinching the 29th frame.

    It was a cagey last frame, until Bingham went for a long red and missed - giving his opponent the chance to capitalise.

    Capitalise he did - building a lead over 50.

    However, a missed red gave Bingham the faintest of chances.

    It all goes awry for him, allowing Jones to return to the table who also misses a red. Nerves, perhaps.

    Then it's Bingham's turn to miss a routine brown.

    Finally, Jones wriggles a red in and he's on his way. Jones has done it. Remarkable.


  • 4th May 2024, 22:13By Jon Boon

    Bingham 12-16 Jones

    World No44 Jones is now one frame away from the final.

    Bingham had his opportunity, but was wild on a tough black and left Jones on.

    The Welshman duly obliged and managed to whizz through a 70 break.

    Bingham refused the opportunity of three snookers.


  • 4th May 2024, 21:34By Jon Boon

    Bingham 12-15 Jones

    Jones edges ahead 28-8, until both players get edgy with the black ball hanging over a corner pocket.

    Both are cautious, with no reds available.

    But a long pink from Bingham gives him an opportunity.

    He plays a safety, as he preserves a lead of just five.

    It then jumps to 20, after knocking in a red, pink, and forcing Jones into making two fouls with a safety.

    First class snookers follow, before Bingham pots a red, a brown, then a final red to secure the frame.

    Vital one for Bingham, and an incredible frame.


  • 4th May 2024, 20:49By Jon Boon

    Bingham 11-15 Jones

    It's just two frames now, and that one was over much quicker.

    A brilliant canon opens up the reds for Jones, after potting the blue.

    A break of 68 is enough to seal the frame.

    Bingham's game has gone to pot.


  • 4th May 2024, 20:33By Jon Boon

    Another epic frame

    That one, once again, lasted over 40 minutes.

    This could be a late finish at the Crucible.

    But it won't be as late as the latest finish on record.

    That honour is bestowed to Cliff Thorburn and Terry Griffiths, with the former winning 13-12.

    The final session lasted an astonishing seven hours, with play not wrapping up until 3:51 am.


  • 4th May 2024, 20:29By Jon Boon

    Bingham 11-14 Jones

    This is one that got away from Bingham.

    He missed a red that nine times out of 10 he would pot.

    Ball-run knew it was pivotal, he covered his face with his hands as he sat down.

    The reds were open for Jones, whose break of 42 puts him in a comfortable position before he plays a safety.

    But Bingham fights back, until he makes a pig's ear of a snooker on the green.

    He gifts Jones the frame who pots the green, brown, blue and pink to win the frame and is now three away from the final.


  • 4th May 2024, 19:50By Jon Boon

    Bingham 11-13 Jones

    After a frame of safety after safety, which didn't seem to suit Bingham, the Essex potter asserted himself on the table.

    But as soon as it looked like he was reaching a half century break, he missed a blue to the yellow corner.

    Jones looked to get back in it, but a pink cannoned off the jaws of the cushion and came out.

    Eventually, Bingham sinks a red to confirm the frame.

    That one lasted 40 minutes.


  • 4th May 2024, 19:11By Jon Boon

    Dennis Taylor says

    Snooker legend Dennis Taylor believes Stuart Bingham needs to find the form that helped him defeat Ronnie O'Sullivan in the quarter-final.

    He told BBC Sport: "Stuart Bingham has to get off to a good start. Jak does not take a long time on shots, any criticism he gets there is unfounded really. He is just a good match-player, who brings his best.

    "Stuart was back to his best against Ronnie O'Sullivan but he has not reached those heights in this match yet. He will need to win this first mini-session and if he can this could go all the way."


  • 4th May 2024, 19:09By Jon Boon

    Jones leads

    Can Jak Jones get the frames he needs to get through the final?


  • 4th May 2024, 18:48By Jon Boon

    Wilson on his final appearance

    Kyren Wilson has spoken about his family anguish after reaching the World Snooker Championship final.

    Wilson's son Bailey required surgery, while his wife Sophie suffered a stroke.

    "With me not having the best of seasons, I've missed a couple of events," he said.

    "So we decided to go to Portugal and have an eight-day break, and leave the cue alone. It felt like me and the family needed it and I came here quite refreshed."



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World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT (2024)


World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT? ›

Ronnie O'Sullivan suffered a surprise exit in the World Snooker Championship quarter-finals as he was beaten 13-10 by Stuart Bingham. The pair began the final session of their last-eight clash on Wednesday evening locked at 8-8 and the close-fought nature of the contest continued across the first four frames.

What is the prize money for the snooker Tour Championship final? ›

More than £2million is distributed to players across the tournament, with even £20,000 going home to those that exited the tournament in the first round. Wilson will cash in on £500,000 for winning the event, the largest cash prize on offer during the World Snooker Tour.

Who won the snooker final? ›

Kyren Wilson held off a spirited final-session rally from Welsh qualifier Jak Jones to win the World Snooker Championship final 18-14.

How many times has Ronnie O Sullivan been in the World Championship final? ›

As of 2024, he has made a record 32 appearances in the final stages of the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible, surpassing the previous record of 30 appearances set by Steve Davis.

Who is the richest snooker player? ›

Ronnie O'Sullivan - £32m

Unsurprisingly, the greatest snooker player of all time is the wealthiest.

How much do snooker referees get paid? ›

Snooker Referees Salary:

Those refereeing the biggest matches can receive over £500 per fixture, which racks up over a lengthy tournament like the World Championships. Entry level referees have a base salary of roughly £4,000, and will be looking at around £50 per match when they are starting out.

Who is the greatest snooker player of all time? ›

Any remaining lingering doubt was put to rest when the Rocket matched Hendry's seven world titles in 2022. With the most Triple Crown trophies, the most ranking titles, the most century breaks made, and unquestionably the greatest natural talent we've seen, Ronnie O'Sullivan is the best snooker player of all time.

Who is the oldest snooker world champion? ›

O'Sullivan, 48, is already the oldest snooker world champion after winning in 2022, aged 46, and would need to lift the trophy again in 2026 or later to become the first winner aged 50 or over.

What is the highest prize money in snooker? ›

The World Championship is the richest prize in snooker with players sharing a total prize fund of £2,395,000. The winner will receive £500,000, with the runner-up pocketing £200,000 and the losing semi-finalists netting £100,000 each.

How rich is Mark Selby? ›

Mark Selby - £9.3m

Former world champion Mark Selby, who lost out to Luca Brecel in last year's World Championships, is said to be worth £9.3million. The snooker legend, nicknamed 'The Jester from Leicester', has been named the best player in the sport multiple times and has a total of 22 ranking titles.

How rich is Stephen Hendry? ›

2. Stephen Hendry – £25.5 Million ($32.4 Million)

How much is O Sullivan worth in 2024? ›

As of April 2024, Ronnie's net worth is around £20 million.

Has Ronnie ever lost a final? ›

O'Sullivan has won the world title seven times, putting him level with Stephen Hendry for the most all-time victories. He also lost in the final in 2014 and has been beaten in the semi-finals on five occasions.

Does Stephen Hendry have a wife? ›

Hendry met his future wife Amanda (Mandy) Tart at a Pontins holiday camp when he was 16. The couple married in 1995 and settled in Auchterarder.They have two sons, Blaine (born 1996) and Carter (born 2004).

How many 100 breaks has Ronnie O'Sullivan made? ›

The most century breaks in a professional snooker career is 1,230, achieved by Ronnie O'Sullivan (UK) between 20 June 1992 and 3 December 2023. O'Sullivan scored his first snooker century (117) at the age of 10 and his first maximum 147 break at the age of 15, a year before he turned professional.

What is the prize money for today's snooker final? ›

How much prize money was on offer? The winner receives £500,000.

What is the prize money for the tour championship snooker 2024? ›

The winner received £150,000 from a total prize fund of £500,000. The event featured the top 12 players on the one-year ranking list as it stood after the World Open. This represented an increase over previous editions of the tournament, which had featured eight competitors.

How much do you get for a 147 at the Crucible? ›

147 prize money

There is a bonus of £40,000 on offer for a 147 made at the Crucible, although if two players make one then it will be shared. There was a £10,000 bonus for a 147 during the qualifying rounds, which Noppon Saengkham has already bagged for his effort at the English Instutute of Sport.

How rich is Judd Trump? ›

Trump has built up an impressive fortune during his time as a snooker player. His estimated net worth is around £9 million and he has reportedly earned over £5.2m in prize money during that time.

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